Teach English in Bijie Shi

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Teach English in Tujie Zhen, Bijie Shi
The introductory unit on teachers versus learners, helped to more clearly define the role and characteristics of teacher and students in a learning space
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Teach English in Wǔlong Jiedao [incl. Longba XiAng], Bijie Shi
In this final unit I had a review of some of the most important points that I should always remember as an EFL teacher: How to manage a large class, how to deal with students who are reluctant to participate in class, how to encourage the students to speak english as mush as possible during a class, how to plan a first lesson, etc
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Teach English in Weishe XiAng, Bijie Shi
Both the personality of the teacher and the relationship the teacher is able to build with his/her students contributes to whether he/she is a good teacher
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Teach English in Wuli Buyizu Miaozu XiAng, Bijie Shi
A good teacher is someone who loves teaching and cares about their students learning, and this natural overflow or caring should help motivate the learners to want to learn and to also set a good learning environment
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Teach English in Xiaojichang Zhen, Bijie Shi
This unit gives English language teachers some more tools for designing their classes including the actual lesson plan structure, and how each phase of the class should be constructed
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Teach English in Xiaotun XiAng, Bijie Shi
This unit provides a list of the various roles that teachers have from leading the class as a manager to taking a less controlling role as a resource in order to give the students more freedom and time to practice together and think about the lesson
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Teach English in XiongjiAchang Zhen, Bijie Shi
The most common methods and techniques are: Grammar-translation, Audio-lingualism, Presentation, Practice and Production, Task-Based Learning, Communucative Language Teaching, Community Language Learning, The Silent Way, Suggestopaedia, the Lexical approach
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Teach English in Xiushui Zhen, Bijie Shi
It was very interesting for me to read through this section on methodology as I took a course on Second Language Acquisition that was focused on task-based instruction and the ways to implement it in your classroom
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Teach English in XueshAn Zhen, Bijie Shi
This module for me has put a major amount of focus surrounding the need to understand the course material of how and why you give it to the students and is it actually relevant
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Teach English in YangjiAwAn Zhen, Bijie Shi
The information presented in unit 10, ?Video Lessons?, are video presentations of one teacher providing demonstrations of how he can teach his students utilizing the ESA method
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