Teach English in YAchi Zhen - Bijie Shi

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This unit is very good I like it. Is concrete, useful and with very flexible pieces of advice for planning lessons. At the beginning I learnt why planning a lesson is important and to understand the versatility that we need when designing them. I found very coherent the parameters cited in the text about the elements that could be in a lesson plan, but with this test I haven't understood why the age of the students is not relevant for planning a lesson, I think is important taking account that because the process of learning is not the same for all ages and the knowledge background differs. I liked the lesson examples, but I was expecting at least some complete lesson with the ESA method, showing details on how the teacher will work on the class. I wanted also some more explanations on the sequences planning lessons, about how we can plan a logical order, connection and coherent sequence of lessons around each topic, and how to decide the order in which I will teach a particular topic, perhaps with a written scheme or like syllabus I could understand it. Then after all was great!