Teach English in Xingsu Miaozu Yizu Gelaozu XiAng - Bijie Shi

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Unit 3 talks about course design, from the first meeting with our clients to the final evaluation passing through the development process of the course. Before the course commences we should give a placement test to find out the students' current degree of English proficiency. The second step is the construction of a ?Needs Analysis? where we need to consider the areas in which the students use English in their working life, the areas that the students feel they need to improve on and their previous learning experiences and plan our lessons according to their needs. After designing the course, which can be based around communicative purpose, grammar complexity or on situational needs rather than grammar, we should dedicate a lesson to content explanation then proceed with a number of lessons on different topics. The final step is one flexible review lesson, plus one final assessment lesson to evaluate our students and find out their feedback on our course. Their feedback is important for us to improve our teaching methods and see if we succeeded in meeting their needs.