Teach English in XinfA Buyizu XiAng - Bijie Shi

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There are two parts of the receptive skills are speaking and writing. The study phase is useful for accuracy activities. The activation stage is useful for fluency activities. Proper planning and guidelines will be very helpful to make the class efficient and productive. It can be useful to evaluate the lesson after it is done to see the progress and how successful the lesson/activity was. During accuracy-based activities, the language is mostly controlled by the teacher. When we have fluency-based activities the students control more of the language output. Writing can be one of the most neglected skills in the teaching process. Speaking is easier to clear up on the spot, whereas writing is often assigned as homework to avoid making the classroom a quiet environment. We want to encourage interaction amongst students and avoid cultural issues that may arise in the classroom. There are many useful lessons for writing that differ from useful lessons for speaking. It is important not to over-correct. Evaluate the performance during the activity in order to provide necessary feedback.