Teach English in Huaqi Zhen - Bijie Shi

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Having been studying Japanese for two years, it is interesting to see the approach mirrored in the study of English. First we need words (Vocabulary), then we need to put them together (Grammatical Structures), then we need to begin finding ways to apply the structures to daily usage (Functions). As an older native English speaker (age 63) I find myself struggling to put myself in the position of a new English student encountering English words for the first time. Students with a Romantic language of origin may find it relatively easy to learn English words. However students with an Oriental, Middle Eastern, or Cyrillic background may struggle with the new words due to the differences in alphabet. Consequently the construction of Grammatical Structures and pattern discovery of Language Functions will require greater patience while the English Vocabulary is assimilated. I recall my difficulty learning the Japanese Kana. My memory is not what it was when I was young. By putting myself in the place of my students, I feel I will know what they are going through learning the fundamentals of English.