Teach English in Heituhe Zhen - Bijie Shi

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The first part of this unit was a general introduction about teaching methodologies. ?The next section was a brief introductory for nine teaching methodologies (Grammar ?Translation, Audio Lingualism, PPP, Task-Based Learning, Communicative ?Language Teaching, Community Language Learning, The silent way, ?Suggestopaedia and The Lexical Approach,). The next section was about Engage-?Study-Activate (ESA) methodology?the [promoted] yet recommended ?methodology in this unit and for the whole course as well. This methodology was ?presented in a little bit detail starting from elicitation and then Engage, Study and ?Activate. Three major examples of ESA were introduced (straight arrow, ?Boomerang and Patchwork). The next section was suggested ideas for the engage ?stage (20 ideas were introduced), the study stage (10 ideas) and the activate stage (6). ?Giving feedback and correcting techniques were the last two sections in this unit. ?More interestingly, there was an appendix containing a lesson plan for the ESA ?methodology. ?