Teach English in Tianba Zhen - Bijie Shi

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Video lesson-two lesson/ the same lesson, taught twice This unit is video lessons in which teaching way of these video is different. One shows us effective teaching being clear and well organized whilst the other one shows us the same teacher?s making basic mistakes In this video which is well organized, the objective students are learning is specific, measurable and aligned to standards. Students know what they have to do. this situation, it is easier for teacher to prepare a lesson to meet that objective and it?s easier for students to know what they are learning and how their learning is going to go and what get expected to do. The objective is clear to students. Students are totally engaged and interested in the class as they raise their hand to answer what teacher is asking. The teacher?s voice is clear for students to hear. The teacher effectively engages students in connecting to their prior knowledge through continuous questions I Thought it?s important for teacher to be clear and to make the class well organized to get student interested and feel involved