Teach English in ShuAnghe Jiedao [ChengguAn Zhen] - Bijie Shi

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This unit discussed how to teach a good lesson. After watching the first teaching video where none of the students were engaged, excited to learn, nor eager to particiate, we then watched a second video where the opposited was true. Although many of the traits that were shown in the first video -- lack of excitement from the teacher, lack of preparation, lack of variety of activities, and lack of student respect -- a teacher can sometimes inadvertently fall into some of those patterns; this was a good reminder of what happens if you, the teacher, are not prepared and ready to teach each and every class. I enjoyed, and learned the most from, watching the second video so I could see all the preparation come together and how phase planning and each activity does flow into a coherent lesson. It was also useful for me to see how the teacher-student interaction plays out. This teacher was good at playing off the students questions/comments and able to extend the activity (listing the animals the students wrote down) or focusing on something that needed work (the pronuncation of can't).