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I have learned about tenses and how they are formed and used. Here is an example of the Past Simple tense and how it is used and formed ?Past simple: Past Simple tenses are used for past actions that were completed at a definite time (In the past). How they are formed: There are three ways you can form the tenses... ?Number One.?(Past Simple) Affirmative: Used when saying something that is true or about something that has happened. Usually the sentence includes an Addjective ending with an -ed or -d. (Add-ed or -d to the baseform of the verb) EXAMPLE: I walked. ?Number Two.? Negative: Used when talking about soemthing that has NOT happened. The sentence will have two key words to help identify it as a negative- 'Did not' and/or 'Didn't' (Add- 'did not' or 'didn't' before baseform.) EXAMPLE: I didn't run. ?Number Three.? Question: Used when you want an answer about something you're not sure about. MOST lilely it will have the words 'Did' or (sometimes) 'Have you' in the sentence. (Add 'did' plus subject before baseform.) EXAMPLE: 'Did you run?'