Teach English in Dahe XiAng - Bijie Shi

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This was in interesting unit, but it was a bit abstract and disjointed. I think we needed more examples of everything to really cement the ideas in our minds. We learned about whole sentence intonation in which we will have patterns of rising/falling pitch or we would have falling/rising. We generally use the previous for surprise, or when we want a response or answer to our words for example, Goodnight said with a rising pitch on the \"night\" portion is like a question and we want a followup goodnight form the other party. We also learned about word stress so which words we put emphasis on in the sentence and those are generally the most important information of the sentence. We learned the phonetic alphabet and this is very difficult I wish there was more translations and example sentences to help us understand completely (baby steps) understand. After that we then learned about the way in which we make sounds and how our tongue, and throat as well as air flow all effect the production of sounds and noises. This was an interesting topic and unit, I just wish that it was written in a different way.