Teach English in Anle Yizu Gelaozu XiAng - Bijie Shi

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Unit 11 looks at Teaching Receptive skills which are reading and listening. The unit states that there a a variety of reasons for reading and listening, and these reasons have been grouped into two wide-ranging categories which are: For purpose and for entertainment.It also states that students understanding of the context will depend on their expertise in the following areas: predictive skills, specific information-scanning, general idea-skimming, detailed information, deduction from context. It further looks at the problems associated with listening and reading, as well as ways of approaching language difficulties. It ends up with an outline of a typical receptive skills lesson (Patchwork) What i have learnt from this unit is that any language has four basic skills, all of which are very important and thus should be incorporated in the lessons in order to have a balance approach.i have also learnt that listening and reading goes far beyond the eyes and the ears but also a matter of using the the mind to literally understand words and process them in our 'Pre-existent knowledge'to gain true understanding.