Teach English in BAbu Jiedao - Bijie Shi

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Up until now, outside of foundataions of the English language, I found this lesson to be the more important lesson yet. You can be an instructor/teacher with the greatest knowledge of the English language, but if you are unable to handle/deal with certain situations with your students, your job becomes much more difficult and your credibility/professionalism is questioned. I really enjoyed reading over how to maintain discipline based on certain factors of your class (age of students, class size, respect between teacher and students). To take it a step further, it was nice to see what steps I could take to prevent problem behaviors, as well as what to do when it happens. Also seeing different layouts of seating arrangements (and it's benefits) was very interesting. Each layout (orderly rows, circles and horeshoes, separate tables, etc), serves a unique purpose. I've noticed in my time teaching abroad, most of my classes are set in orderly rows, and when the class eats together, they either get into groups or a \"horseshoe\" shape, definitely becoming more intimate, like a \"family.\" "Tesolcoursecom_216563