Teach English in BAbao Yizu Miaozu XiAng - Bijie Shi

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The first lesson was terrible! His repetitiveness, grumpiness, rushing manner, and predictability was cringe worthy - it confused the students, made them feel small and intimidated, and did not explain what he was talking about. The term 'modal auxiliary verbs' was unnecessary to their understanding and adopting the concept. Also, he did not seem interested in the students. When asked a good question, he could have replied calmly and taken the time to provide an actual explanation and examples, rather than telling her not to worry about it and that it's the same thing (when it's not). On the flip side, the second lesson was engaging, enthusiastic, and fun. The teacher smiled a lot, joked with the students, and made an effort to get to know their names. He walked around the room and up to their desks to further engage the students. He gestured for certain actions for the students (e.g. think) and was enthusiastic enough to look silly and mime the animals. If I was a student, I would have felt like I could approach him, that I could succeed, that it was okay to fail, and I would have had fun in the process!