Teach English in Changchunbao Zhen - Bijie Shi

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This last section dealt with some of the most common problems a teacher might encounter in the classroom. One such problem would be a large class size, which makes it more difficult for the teacher to give each student enough attention, or to assess their particular strengths and weaknesses. Large classrooms also raises the possibilities for disruption and distraction. Some good methods to deal with a large classroom would be pair-work and worksheets so that everybody is participating. Another problem might be a group of students at different language levels. The teacher doesn't want to go too fast, leaving the slower students behind, or too slow, causing the faster students to be bored. A good compromise would be to stay at the level of the majority of the class, while providing worksheets or additional activities to the students who are consistently finished first. On the first day of class the teacher should establish a rapport with the students. This means doing activities that are engaging and allow for the students to get to know each other, and also allow the teacher to get to know the students.