Teach English in Baixing Zhen - Bijie Shi

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In this unit I have learnt: 1) There are different categories ot the beginners A-the false eginner B-the absolute beginner C- the adult beginner D- the young beginner E- tbe beginner withour Roman alphabet. Usually the same student might belong to 2 or 3 categories at the same time. 2) What are methologies and techniques for yeaching the beginners. What possible problems may arise and how to motivate beginner students. 3) What are the differents between teaching groups and one on one teaching students. What avtivities are the best of teaching single student. 4) Teaching childrens.I have learnt what are the difficulties when you are teaching children how to try to avoid the problems in the classroom and what activities and teaching methods are the best for children. 5) Teaching business English. Before making the plan of the program for english business clients you need to figure out theyr needs. I also have learnt what methods and shat materials might be used during business English lessons. 6) What are the differents and advantages and disadvanteges between teaching monolingual and multilingual classes.