Teach English in Changba Zhen - Bijie Shi

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Unit 1 features the attributes of good teachers and learners, their roles, responsibilities as well as how these affect the relationship between them in a classroom. The difference between young learners and adults in areas such as learning experience, motivation, nervousness, language awareness, behavior problems and life experience, is explained. Also the distinction between the common different English language levels which broadly equates the Common European Framework is made. I have learnt the importance of having the characteristics of a good teacher. In my opinion, being an excellent organizer is the most important skill because the success of the lesson largely depends on it. Intercultural awareness and respect for the culture of students is vital as it will create a willingness on their part to cooperate. It is imperative for me to know which role to take and when to skillfully switch between the roles, depending on the type of activity. My goal too, is to be able to involve and engage each student in the classroom, so that they can stay highly motivated while enjoying the learning experience.