Teach English in Chongxin Zhen - Bijie Shi

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This unit deals with choosing appropriate authentic material to use in class, as well as how to design your own effective non-authentic materials. In the latter case, a teacher must bear in mind which teaching point is being tested; how the material is going to be used in the classroom; the method of demonstrating how the material will be used, and at which level the material will be used. Detailed lesson plans are important in case of a teacher's unexpected absence, when the plan can be handed over to another teacher to implement. Lesson plans are also a record of what has been covered in class, and therefore points of reference in your syllabus. A plan should serve as a guide only; student understanding determines what happens in a lesson. The Engage, Study and Activate is a tried and tested methodology when setting up lesson plans. With regards to resource books, there are two types 1) when language is the primary focus followed by business-related activities and 2) where business situations are the primary focus. A comprehensive webliography is provided in this unit as a source of internet resources.