Teach English in Caishen Zhen - Bijie Shi

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In this unit, I learned the different types of material and know more about how to put them in use. There are two types of materials including Authentic and non-authentic materials. Authentic materials are those material that have been produced for real life and normal people, not for classroom-teaching. Non-authentic materials are produced either by educational companies or individual teachers for the specific purpose of being a teaching aid. We have to admit that they do have their advantages and disadvantages. We can use both of them according to different requirement in class. Like the normal English class, lesson plan is also being used. A lesson plan tells us what should happen during the lesson and how to do them step by step. It can remind teachers of following pre-planned steps to make sure the teaching quality and complete teaching procedures. But what we should always keep in mind is that a lesson plan which we work through is just a teaching guide, we should focus more on what is happening in the lesson and have the positive reaction to the students' problems we met during the class.