Teach English in Baina Yizu XiAng - Bijie Shi

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This topic provided the idea as to where I can possibly get materials and how to make my lessons more interesting. In teaching foreign students, from experience, I notice that visual aid is extremely useful in helping them understand the materials as comprehension of words itself may be hard. Depending on the ability of the students, I will try to make lessons more interesting by supplementing them with flashcards. One thing that I thought was not a concern in choosing a course book was the price, it makes sense for the course book to be affordable for the students as they will need to purchase it for their use. The other bit where I found extremely useful was the four different options for course book use namely omit, replace, supplement and adapt. It serves as a great reminder not to omit too many materials from the course book rather, replace it with a more appropriate material. On my end, I can also supplement the material with my own materials in order to ensure that the students understand the lesson and last but not least to adapt to the use of different materials but delivering it in my own style.