Teach English in Ashi Miaozu Yizu XiAng - Bijie Shi

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I find it very useful to understand the various forms of Engage-Study-Active (ESA), from which I can plan my lessons according to students' needs and lesson objective. Rather than just thinking about what activity I should do for a lesson, having this structure in mind allows me to plan a useful lesson that will help them to build upon what they have learned and apply what they have learned. I also find the list of various activities for each stage to be particularly useful and enlightening. Some of the games have been done in classes before, and now I can better understand how these activities play a role in students' learning. While I have always been using Role-Play in my activities, I am glad to know about other ways in which I can get my students to activate and apply their learning. I am particularly interested also in the methodologies listed. I believe that each methodology can be applied at various lessons, because it allows a variety of lessons (i.e., it is fun to do translation sometimes, or task-based learning another), and it is useful for me personally to know what each methodology means.