Teach English in ChengguAn Zhen - Bijie Shi

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This unit presents methods to teach productive skills: speaking and writing. When people speak to each other, they do it for a reason, for example: having some communicative purpose, willing to listen or saying something, or interesting in what is being sad. Activities that develop communicative skills must give the students reasons to communicate. The unit explains the differences between accuracy and fluency activities, how both are equally important and presents speaking exercises for the classroom. Writing skills require particular care in the following topics: handwriting, spelling, layout and punctuation and creative writing. Handwriting demands attention because the alphabetical system is not used in many countries and if the handwriting is bad, it could lead to misunderstandings. Since English is not a phonetic language, writing words might be a challenge for the students. Students also need to learn different kinds of texts layouts and their proper punctuation. Creative writing is an engaging activity and must be encouraged. At the end of this lesson, we learn how to use games in the classroom.