Teach English in Anlexi XiAng - Bijie Shi

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Teaching New Language is complicated especially with big number of students; however, if you follow certain techniques then it will be easier. This unit discuss about the importance of vocabulary, grammar structure, function and how to apply the ESA Method in teaching new language. Knowledge of vocabulary is very important among learners of new language that is why as a mentor we need to consider several factors and techniques to make the teaching-learning process more effective. Grammar structure and function is as important as vocabulary; furthermore, it can give more opportunity for learners of new language to practice constructing grammatically correct sentences. Overall this unit taught me about the importance of ESA Method in teaching new language. How can an ESA Patchwork, Boomerang, and straight line be used in grammar lesson, vocabulary, structures and function? I really like the example of activate part activity which is a chain story communication game. In conclusion, teaching new language involves many techniques and factors in order to be effective and can easily achieve all your objectives.