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1. Unit 2 Overview Unit 2 deals with the roles of the teacher and the learner. The various roles of the teacher - instructor, facilitator, mentor, psychologist, counsellor and policeman - are discussed. The different client categories are also explained. The advantages of teaching adults as well as potential problems and how to deal with it are examined. The one to one client situation with the advantages and disadvantages is discussed. Teaching the four skills in Business English context is explored. An overview of different teaching methods is given and the ESA methodology explained. 2 What I learnt The Theory of Multiple Intelligences as proposed by Howard Gardner in his book \"Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences\"(1983) is a very interesting model. Gardner's conviction that his theory of multiple intelligences should \"empower learners,' and not restrict them to one modality of learning is worthwhile exploring and maybe even incorporating in the ESA methodology. Incorporating this model in the ESA methodology might enhance the learning experience for both the learner and the teacher.