Teach English in Banqiao Zhen - Bijie Shi

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In this topic I have learnt that just like receptive skills, productive skills (Speaking and writing) are equally important. Speaking involves both accuracy and fluency as the accuracy is more concentrated on the quality of the grammar whereas and its more catered for in the study stage of the lesson fluency is catered for in the activation stage of the lesson. Speaking activities can be either guided or creative communication which are fluency based activities. Sometimes students may fail to communicate because of lack of confidence, fear of making mistakes, peer intimidation and other factors. All these can be avoided by pairing up students, making groups, giving plenty of speaking work and the like. In the writing lesson always as teacher you have to encourage and help your students to improve their handwritings, correct the spelling mistakes as well as showing the different spellings in American and British English. Not only that also the layout and punctuation of the English language should be taught to the students as many of the students native languages may have different or no punctuation at all.