Teach English in Anluo Miaozu Yizu Manzu XiAng - Bijie Shi

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In this lesson I learned about teaching themes. These include the use of songs, chants, music, games, stories, arts and crafts, and seasonal activities from around the world. When doing anything with children, it is good to take into account what age group the teacher is working with. If the students are young, dancing works well with music, whereas this would not be done with teenage students, who would feel embarrassed and not want to participate. Games such as hangman, monopoly, Pictionary, battleship, and many more can be changed and modified to help teach English in the classroom. Stories are helpful; however, it is easy to introduce too much new vocabulary unintentionally with this method. Extra care needs to be taken. Arts and crafts are both fun and educational. By adding text to art, students can get multiple visuals to help them associate vocabulary with images. Seasonal activates are fun, but the culture and social issues should always be considered depending on what country the teacher is teaching in. Role-play and acting work well as well. Acting however, is typically done with older students.