Teach English in Chayuan Zhen - Bijie Shi

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Unit 5 shows teaching strategies and themes that can be applied to most contexts of teaching young learners. ? Songs?, ?chants and music?, ?games?, ?stories?, ?arts and crafts?, ?seasonal activities? and ?drama and movement? are all looked at and examples as well as sources are given. Each and every one can contribute to accelerate learning and enhance memorization. The next section presents actual lesson plans with annotations to explain certain aspects of it, and a final lesson plan, adaptable to many age ranges and based around a simple story line, follows. Finally there are several pages of lesson materials like cartoons, word searches and animal cards which present an excellent inspiration for a new teacher. I found this unit extremely useful and interesting because it provided me with great material upon which I can base future lessons for my students. The task sheet exercises gave me another opportunity to practise lesson planning so important for teaching the students efficiently and to make it fun for them at the same time.