Teach English in Baoding Shi

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Teach English in Ansu Zhen, Baoding Shi
This unit describes what authentic materials are versus created materials and the advantages of each, explains what set of materials course books often consist of along with the advantages and disadvantages of course books, and posits what the best uses for course books are and the different ways a teacher can use them
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Teach English in Baima XiAng, Baoding Shi
From this unit I have learnt the importance of not just thinking that speaking is the most important element of learning a language but also that writing plays a vital role too
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Teach English in BAyu XiAng, Baoding Shi
Unit 14 provides insight into the different types of course materials (authentic material, created material, and course books), when these different types of materials are most appropriate for use in the classroom, and examples of the different materials
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Teach English in Beidiantou XiAng, Baoding Shi
This unit covered what I should keep in mind when teaching specific groups of students, such as beginners, children, individual students, and adults learning business English
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Teach English in Beiguoyuan XiAng, Baoding Shi
In this unit I learned a lot about pronunciation and phonology: about intonation in the sentence and different patterns of intonation: how different stress can change the meaning of the sentence: the way sounds join together in English (linking, sound dropping, extra lettering and sound changing): about articulation and phonetic script
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Teach English in Beiluo Zhen, Baoding Shi
I'm still far from an expert in the ESA stages and when/how to exactly use the various stages and what exactly falls into the stages, but I'm getting better
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