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Teach English in LinjiAtun Zhen, Baoding Shi
Unit 8 is about the future tenses, namely future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous, including the present simple, present continuous and the \"going to\" future tenses
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Teach English in LiujiAzhuAng XiAng, Baoding Shi
When considering teaching in a foreign country, one has to think about the following: - country/region (find out as much as possible, research), - being conservative in the beginning, - using formal greetings, - what is polite/impolite, etc
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Teach English in Liujing XiAng, Baoding Shi
Unit one discussed the roles of a good teacher, it was noted that personality plays a major role in capturing the students? attention, people with a good personality usually appear to be more approachable and that is extremely important, as it will encourage students to make contact with their teachers with any question they may arise at
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Teach English in LiyuzhuAng XiAng, Baoding Shi
This unit was especially useful in reminding me that there are exceptions in grammar, and points out a lot of key areas in future and present tenses that will be trouble spots for students
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Teach English in Mingyi Zhen, Baoding Shi
i got nothing from this unit but what i can do is study more and more like?: : Which of the following would be the second ACTIVATE phase of the lesson?
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