Teach English in Baoding Shi

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Teach English in SunzhuAng XiAng, Baoding Shi
This unit covered the full swatch of future forms; future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going+to future, and present simple and present continuous with future meaning
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Teach English in Taiyu XiAng, Baoding Shi
In this unit, I learned how to maximize the effectiveness of eye contact, gestures, student groupings and classroom set up in order to ensure the classroom runs smoothly
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Teach English in Taoyuan Jiedao, Baoding Shi
This unit covered the basics of teacher-student relationships, what makes up good teachers and students, and an overview of the learning process, including elements that influence this
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Teach English in Tuonan XiAng, Baoding Shi
In unit 4, which is about the present tenses, I looked at the four present tenses; the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous
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Teach English in Wang'An Zhen, Baoding Shi
The two video lessons have presented the importance of teacher`s attitude during the class in engaging the students in the learning process and achieving the goals decided before the lesson
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Teach English in Wanglinkou Zhen, Baoding Shi
In Unit 20: Troubleshooting, we learned about potentially difficult situations that could arise for English teachers; these include: big class sizes, students with different English levels and reluctant students
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Teach English in Wuyao XiAng, Baoding Shi
Unit 6 discusses some of the cultural concerns teachers may face teaching in foreign countries coupled with some general rules to keep in mind to include, among others, (1) do research about the country, (2) at work, be conservative in your manner, speech and actions until you are confident you will not cause offence, (3) observe the country?s formal greetings, and (4) avoid expressing political and social opinion unless certain your comments will not be misunderstood
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