Teach English in Yunfu Shi

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Teach English in Chegang Zhen, Yunfu Shi
By watching the two videos in unit 10 I learned how a teacher in different ways can affect the learning process of a class to be little or very effective
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Teach English in DajiAng Zhen, Yunfu Shi
The 4 things students need to do with learning a new language are !) be exposed to the language 2) understand the meaning #) understand how the language is constructed and 4) be able to use the language with practice
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Teach English in Dongba Zhen, Yunfu Shi
I agree that the student needs to be exposed to the language, understand its meaning, understand how it's constructed and be able to practice and produce it
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Teach English in Jiancheng Zhen, Yunfu Shi
This unit introduced me to a wide variety of teaching techniques and methodologies, their distinguishing theories on teaching as well as the strengths and weaknesses in teaching they display when in practise
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Teach English in JiAyi Zhen, Yunfu Shi
Unit 17 taught me that there are many, many resources available for teachers of English as a foreign language, tools that can be sued to facilitate lessons, as well as provide various facets of learning distribution
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Teach English in Jinji Zhen, Yunfu Shi
This unit takes a look at grammar through the various parts of speech from nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, and prepositions
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Teach English in Lianzhou Zhen, Yunfu Shi
In this Unit, I learnt the basic principle of lesson planning, why teachers plan their lessons, what to include in the planning process, as well as how to produce a lesson plan that is practical and easy to use in the classroom
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Teach English in Lidong Zhen, Yunfu Shi
In this unit, I have studied strategies for classroom management, including how to best monitor and maintain control over the classroom without dominating class with teacher talking time (TTT), how to arrange students (physically) in the classroom, how to decide whether students should be working in group activities or individually, and how to discipline unruly students and prevent them from continuing their disruptive behavior
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