Teach English in Guiwei Zhen - Yunfu Shi

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Unit 13 covers methods of understanding and teaching pronunciation in the English language. Intonation refers to variations in volume and pitch in an entire spoken sentence. In English, this common appears in a rise/fall pattern, but fall/rise and flat tonal patterns also occur. These variations and shifts in tone are indicative of meaning and emotion. Stress is either present or absent in individual syllables in each word of a sentence. Like intonation, stress serves to convey meaning however functions more explicitly as stress on certain syllables can shift the message of the sentence entirely. While general rules exist regarding stressed/unstressed syllables, its function can be seen more as a natural product of speech and communication than adherence to a strict set of rules. Sound joining in speech takes place naturally as a language is spoken and appears as vocally variations from the written form due to familiarity. It presents in four main ways: linking, sound dropping, sound changing and extra lettering. The phonetic alphabet provides a key to the formation and verbal pronunciation of written words. It is vital in that it is not restricted to a set region or dialect and therefore provides a universal method for understanding proper pronunciation. These phonemes can be broken up into both the physical place of articulation (vocal organs utilized in their production) as well as the manner of articulation (the types of vocal movements necessary for their production).