Teach English in Lidong Zhen - Yunfu Shi

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In this unit, I have studied strategies for classroom management, including how to best monitor and maintain control over the classroom without dominating class with teacher talking time (TTT), how to arrange students (physically) in the classroom, how to decide whether students should be working in group activities or individually, and how to discipline unruly students and prevent them from continuing their disruptive behavior. Being cognizant of eye contact, gesture, vocal intonation, and posture is important for the teacher, as she or he should be maintaining discipline in the classroom while also remaining engaging and non-dominating. The teacher should also choose the physical layout of the students' seats in the classroom based on the amount of space available and in a manner appropriate for the class size and the type of activities that the teacher envisions for the class (e.g., separate tables are not amenable to pair work, but circles and horseshoe shapes are). Similarly, it is important for the teacher to choose the pairing or grouping of students with the pros and cons of each type of pairing or grouping (or decision to have the students work individually) in mind. Teachers must also focus on the behavior rather than the individual who acts out in the classroom and should consult with other teachers (if possible) to determine the underlying cause and decide on which steps should be taken in accordance with school policy to prevent the student from acting out again.