Teach English in Huashi Zhen - Yunfu Shi

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Unit 5 elaborated on classroom dynamics and class management. When and how the teacher chooses to speak and move has a great impact on what and how students learn. Engaging with students through using their names, eye contact, and speaking clearly so students can understand are just some important factors towards learning that teachers are responsible for. How we choose to group students for an activity leads to how effective it will be. There are a few options a teacher can choose from, a large whole class grouping, small groups, pair work, or individual work. We must look at an activity and choose which is most useful for our goals of an activity. We must also take into account the physical space of the classroom and which arrangements of desk best fits the activity, the space and the student dynamics. Giving clear understandable instructions are one of the most important things as a teacher. Without them your students will not be able to effectively carry out any activity you give them and they will not get the most learning opportunities possible. Creating a safe and respected space for learning is just as important towards the learning process. We can do this by building rapport with the students, making their learning personal so they have intrinsic motivators to learn, and making sure students respect the class, the teacher and the space by maintaining discipline. Being consistent and leading through example and two great ways to make a safe and respected learning space.