Teach English in Fenjie Zhen - Yunfu Shi

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This unit is about the interdependence of student and teacher. It reflects on how individually, the role of the teacher has personality, relational, educational and management factors. The role of the student, on the other hand, is more demographic and accepting in nature. There should be reciprocity in language learning. Both teacher and learner have to observe and active part in order for language learning to fluorish. The roles and qualities of a good teacher can be developed in time and could be conscientiously reflected upon the teacher. Having a set of characteristics that have proven success in teaching, the teacher must do her best to imbibe these when she is teaching, and when she is outside the classroom. There are many hats a teacher would take when working with the class and this requires presence of mind and flexibility. Language learning is a scope that affects all aspects of living- cultural, socio-emotional, cognitive and personal so it is very important to anchor it in the student's lives. As a teacher, I always put my students' needs and interests first. I check their profiles thoroughly and get to know them as much as I can so I also can understand what motivates them, what their weaknesses and strengths are and what their language goals are. The role of a teacher is both challenging and rewarding but it works in a very humanistic and genuinely connecting way, greatly affecting the lives of students, that's why it requires so much from the teacher.