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Past tenses (form and usage): Past simple tense. Form - (regular verbs) add \"ed\" or \"d\" to the base form of the verb (affirmative) add \"did\" or \"didn't\" before the base form (negative) add \"did\" then the subject before the base form (question) Usage - 1.for a past action with a known time, 2.when asked about a time, 3.when an action took place at a definite time even when this time is not mentioned, 4.when the time becomes definite due to a question and answer in the present perfect. Past continuous tense. Form - subject + was/were + verb+ing (affirmative) subject + was/were + not + verb+ing (negative) was/were + subject + verb+ing (question) Usage - 1.for interrupted past actions, 2.without time expressions, it usually indicates gradual development that took place in the past, 3.in descriptions. Past perfect tense. Form - subject + had + past participle (affirmative) subject + had + not + past participle (negative) had + subject + past participle (question) Usage - used to describe past actions that happened in the past. Past perfect continuous tense. Form - subject + had + been + verb+ing (affirmative) subject + had + not + been + verb+ing (negative) had + subject + been + verb+ing (question) Usage - talks about longer actions or situations in the past that had been going on continuously up to the past moment that we are thinking about.