Teach English in Baozhu Zhen - Yunfu Shi

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Unit 18 covered several aspects of Grammar. 1. Modal auxiliary verbs were explained. They can express obligation, possibility, permission, prohibition, ability or advice. They do not change in form according to a person. Modal verbs are followed by a verb in its basic form. pp. 2-3 contained a very useful detailed table of forms & usage of modal verbs. 2. Passive voice was opposed to Active, mentioning that it's not so important or not known exactly who performs an action, when using passive. a BY-phrase is used when we want to emphasise who performs an action. Typical errors are relating to omission of BE -verb, putting it into the wrong tense, and overuse of the BY-structure. Teaching ideas included matching halves or general knowledge quizzes. 3. Relative clauses can be of 2 types: defining (essential) and non-defining (not essential, and separated with commas in teh sentence). Definitions of an independent, dependent, and relative clauses had been given before. 4. Phrases verbs, which is the most difficult theme for me personally, can be intrasitive (cannot be followed by a direct object), transitive separable (where an objective pronoun goes between a verb and a particle, whereas a non may go either between or after), and transitive ineaparable. A teacher should keep track of the phrasal verbs and try to use them naturally during uncontrolled practice and conversation. Let students hear them in various contexts. And don't be afraid of phrasal verbs, as I am still...:)