Teach English in Lianzhou Zhen - Yunfu Shi

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In this Unit, I learnt the basic principle of lesson planning, why teachers plan their lessons, what to include in the planning process, as well as how to produce a lesson plan that is practical and easy to use in the classroom. Lesson planning is very important for both inexperienced and experienced teachers as well. There are many forms of lesson plans but the kind of lesson plan one makes will depend on the individual. Some people just write notes while others prepare formal lesson plans. For a first time teacher, it is advisable to prepare a formal lesson plan because lesson plans have different functions. First of all, lesson plans are there to help a teacher in overall planning. It shows the objectives of the class and the activities needed to achieve those objectives. Next, it acts as a working document or a guide in the conduct of the lesson. The teacher can easily refer to the lesson plan and see which activity comes next but it doesn?t mean however that the teacher should stick to this particular plan. Lastly, a lesson plan serves as a record of what the class has done and which activities and materials have already been used in class. This is also very useful if another teacher has to cover another teacher?s class. A good lesson plan should have the follow these basic principles: It should be simple so that the teacher can refer anytime during the lesson, It should be structured, flexible and open to adaptation .It should always be timed and not scripted.