Teach English in Chuanbu Zhen - Yunfu Shi

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Unit five expands on the techniques and methods of establishing a well-managed classroom. Through the unit, I have learned key components in a classroom setting such as the teacher?s presence in the classroom, seating arrangements, teacher talk time (TTT), and student talk time (STT). Specific ways a teacher can improve contact and giving information to their students are: eye contact, voice intonations and pronunciations, gestures, and using the students? names. For example, one experience I had working as an intern for an art class for kindergarten level students was to assign them seats every day. This allowed better productivity for them to work on their art project as well as maintain constant communication with the art teacher at the front of the classroom. The classroom setting for the same environment was in a horseshoe design which allowed the students to see the teacher more clearly as well as work with each other to share materials. The unit had also discussed the various ways when teacher and student time were differentiated. Furthermore, it is important to keep a balance between: individual work, working in pairs, working as a whole class, or just listening to the teacher for the next activity. These methods of communicating are important for the classroom as well for the future (especially for younger students). Overall, this unit detailed and highlighted the important aspects of managing a classroom as well as being an effective teacher in their classroom.