Teach English in Shantou Shi

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Teach English in DongfAng Jiedao, Shantou Shi
In this unit I learned possible methodologies to employ and problems to anticipate when teaching beginners, individual students, children, business people, monolingual classes and multilingual classes
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Teach English in GuAnbu Zhen, Shantou Shi
This unit focuses on the various ways of evaluating students' levels and progress in English proficiency, including some common external tests and exams
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Teach English in Hai'An Jiedao, Shantou Shi
This unit provided some of the most engaging material so far that effectively illustrated the difference between how to properly teach an English class and how to improperly teach one
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Teach English in Hongchang Zhen, Shantou Shi
An effective lesson plan should clearly aim to ensure a language feature is presented, recognised, identified, understood, 'digested' and actively available for students to use confidently themselves by the end of the session
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Teach English in Houzhai Zhen, Shantou Shi
It is important to provide activities to teach students receptive skill such as listening and reading, but also to provided activities for speaking and writing, which is considered as productive skills as well
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Teach English in Jinxia Jiedao, Shantou Shi
This unit introduces the structure and usage of four different present tenses: Present simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect continuous tense
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