Teach English in Hongchang Zhen - Shantou Shi

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An effective lesson plan should clearly aim to ensure a language feature is presented, recognised, identified, understood, 'digested' and actively available for students to use confidently themselves by the end of the session. This could be a structure, a vocabulary area, or perhaps a realm of language and activity where form and function belong closely together (such as the teaching of reflexive verbs ~ things most of us do to/for ourselves, privately ~ in conjunction with daily routine, time-telling, body parts, clothes, rooms and spaces, transport or whatever, in other MFLs that have this feature). In order to be focused and motivated, students need to be confident that there will in turn be a structure to the lesson itself ~ whether or not they actively identify, discuss or critique it. ESA is a well-established model but depending on session length and age/level of students, a teacher should break up the lesson into smaller phases within their concentration capability. Approximate timings on the plan are a help, but would rarely be rigidly adhered-to. Obviously materials should be planned-for and prepared, and it can be a good idea to have a relevant 'filler' activity up one's sleeve as a spacer, or in case everything else is covered with time in hand. A lesson plan can also be reviewed afterwards in as much depth as the establishment and timetable permit, analysing student learning, pace, teacher effectiveness etc., and should be a useful reference point when coming to cover similar material another time (hopefully better in the light of it!) or if another teacher needs to cover the class and gain a sense of how they have priorly been worked with.