Teach English in Guang'ao Jiedao - Shantou Shi

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The first step in developing a course is to meet with the students, to evaluate what they know, and what they need to know. It often makes sense, when dealing with large groups, to do level testing first, and then once the students are in groups to do a needs analysis. A graded test is best for discovering language level. language levels are arranged in the following order. Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Lower Advanced, Advanced. Once the needs analysis and level testing are done, we are ready to group the students. This should be done in coordination with the human resources department. Time should be taken in the first lesson to discuss what the class needs for the rest of the course. Once the needs analyses is complete a course syllabus can be created, for low-level groups, this step should be left out. needs that don't fit in with the larger group can be taken care of through homework. There are many types of syllabus, with varying levels of content, depending on the student's needs. Start a course syllabus by removing the time not spent on learning. the first lesson needs analysis and syllabus explanation, course evaluation will take another hour. another hour of flextime for unforeseen circumstances. It is important to have assessments to evaluate learner progress. assessments should be marked and annotated promptly, and there should be some remedial instruction to cover common weaknesses. It isn't unusual to provide training for a student to take a specific business exam like the CEIBT. At the end of the course do a course evaluation. It gives important feedback, about how effective the course was, and how it can be improved.