Teach English in Hai'An Jiedao - Shantou Shi

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This unit provided some of the most engaging material so far that effectively illustrated the difference between how to properly teach an English class and how to improperly teach one. This contrast was so effectively done that the first video depicting an improperly conducted class was actually painful to watch. After the first five minutes, I found my self desiring to pause the video and stop watching given the number of painfully obvious errors that the teacher was making. To summarize, the teacher opened his lesson by using a name that the students very clearly did not know to refer to the grammar point that was the subject of the lesson; ignored the clear lack of certainty over the intended meaning; and furthermore, refused to alter the manner in which the lesson was being conducted despite the abundant evidence of the lesson's ineffectiveness. The final point is certainly the most significant of the errors depicted by the first video. If it is the case that the approach that has been taken by a teacher has resulted in an outcome testifying that the approach has thus far been ineffective; then the teacher needs to change his or her methodology in order to improve the lesson's effectiveness. If no such alteration is made by the teacher, then the lesson will fail and the students will have essentially wasted a full class session, having learned no additional information to build upon material from previous class sessions. These problems were visibly absent from the second video; thereby presenting an example of what a successful lesson should look like. This unit definitely succeeded in presenting the contrast between successful and unsuccessful lessons.