Teach English in Chenghua Jiedao - Shantou Shi

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The final lesson, Unit 20, basically covers common situations you may encounter in a classroom and how to handle them. I've learned about the types of \"groups\" (i.e. New Group, Existing Group) you could encounter in your first visit with your class and how to proceed with them. New Groups are basically students who don't know each other, there is no rapport established between themselves or the teacher, and they may not be familiar with EFL technology/teachings. An Existing Group is comprised of students who already know each other and are more likely to be comfortable interacting with each other, as well as possibly be familiar with EFL teachings and technology. In both situations you as a teacher would, instead of using the text, try to create rapport between the students and yourself with fun activities for the first class to be able to get to know each other better, as well as possibly find out the English level of the students and what areas you should be focusing on with your Lesson Plans. I've also learned some techniques for handling different levels in a class; An example being to pair stronger students with weaker ones to try to have an even pacing in the classroom. I particularly enjoyed the short section on reluctant students, because it expanded from the Productive Skills Unit on some tips for getting those types of students to participate. For example, one tip would be using role play, another could be having students record themselves using English outside of the lesson. Both give the student a sort of safe space to express themselves and perhaps make it more comfortable to use their English without pressure from other classmates, teacher, classroom, etc.