Teach English in GuAnbu Zhen - Shantou Shi

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This unit focuses on the various ways of evaluating students' levels and progress in English proficiency, including some common external tests and exams. Ways of assessing a student's language level include tutorials and evaluations by the students themselves. Tests may be given at different stages in the course of a student's training, such as taking a placement test or a diagnostic test at the beginning or start of a course. Progress tests may be given periodically to provide information as to how the student is progressing through the course. Some teachers prefer to give regular short tests followed by a longer, formal test each term. If a student is taking a course that is leading up to an external examination, that student may take practice tests to get used to the structure of the test and to see if they are close to the required test standard. Other types of tests are the achievement test, which is usually given at the end of the course, and proficiency tests, which measure proficiency at particular levels such as the Common European Framework Levels. In addition, there are the placement tests, which are intended to help teachers place their students into particular classes based on their language ability. There is a wide range of external tests, including the TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language, IELTS International English Language Testing System, and the TOEIC Test of English for International Communication. The University of Cambridge division called Cambridge Assessment has created a wide range of tests and assessments, including KET, PET, PCE, CAF and CPE, which are a series of tests in increasingly more demanding test assessments.