Teach English in Handan Shi

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Teach English in Baiheji XiAng, Handan Shi
This unit on tests provided a great amount of info about the different types of proficiency tests students can take in order to be certified for a specific thing
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Teach English in BeizhAngzhuAng Zhen, Handan Shi
This unit focused on several types of classroom dynamics that can arise when having classes that are primarily based around teaching young learners, Business English, beginners of English and the subcategories that this entails such as the absolute, the false, adult and young beginner
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Teach English in CishAn Zhen, Handan Shi
Planning a lesson plan is a fundamental part before teaching a new lesson, is very important to be organized, make the explanation clear, now the students age and prepare materials in order to make a good class, a lesson plan must not be the same in every teacher, according to the teacher experience he can adjust the lesson plan to make a good schedule about how teach a lesson, a lesson plan can work as a record, aid, and as a reference to future lesson to see how are the teacher and student perfomance, is very important to get custom to make good lesson plan before a class and have a feedback related to that
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Teach English in Cizhou Zhen, Handan Shi
In this unit, which focuses on methods and techniques, I learned of the various approaches to teaching students of a non-English background, particularly how to conduct a lesson that can help the students better familiarize themselves with the language
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Teach English in Dahedao XiAng, Handan Shi
It is very important to know both qualities of a good teacher and a good learner, as well as the roles of the teacher, since for efficient learning it is important for the teacher to switch roles from time to time depending on the type of the activity
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