Teach English in Daqing Shi

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Teach English in aolinxibo XiAng, Daqing Shi
First lesson Two categories of Classes 1) New group = students don't know each other and some work will be needed to establish rapport 2) Existing group = students are comfortable with one another - establish rapport, find out about the students, student's needs and aspiration, find out the English level of each individual class member
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Teach English in Baiyinnuole XiAng, Daqing Shi
This unit covers phonology and pronunciation; it provides general information about stress, intonation, rhythm, and pronunciation, and it also gives tips and ideas for teaching these areas of the English language to students
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Teach English in BAjingzi XiAng, Daqing Shi
This unit talks about the students ability to learn english language with passion and to make a non native speaker understand how the english language should be taught and learned
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Teach English in DashAn Zhongyangchang, Daqing Shi
Unit 1 examined the qualities, responsibilities and roles of both the teacher and the student, emphasizing elements of a good teacher as well as instilling an engaging classroom environment
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Teach English in DongguAng Jiedao, Daqing Shi
This unit covered the equipment and teaching aids commonly used in the classroom as well as providing a wealth of suggested sources to help create or access resources for the classroom some of which can be used by students and teachers alike
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Teach English in Dongxing XiAng, Daqing Shi
Each kind of test presented in this unit has its own purpose but they are all meant to give the teacher and the students information on the student level and his/her individual progress
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Teach English in GAotaizi Zhen, Daqing Shi
A brief overview of the content of unit4: Vocabulary,Grammar and functions Teaching Vocabulary:1 Selecting vocabulary 2 What do students need to know about a vocabulary item? 3 Techniques for vocabulary teaching 4 Typical ESA vocabulary lesson Introducing grammatical structures Teaching language functions What i have learnt from it: First,how to teach vocabulary?We should pay attention to how to select vocabulary and command some techniques
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