Teach English in Daqing Shi

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Teach English in Honggang Jiedao, Daqing Shi
This unit gives a list of many different teaching aids that can be used in the classroom such as overhead projectors, white boards, computers, resource books, worksheets, and visuals, to name a few
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Teach English in Hongji Muchang, Daqing Shi
I think it's a relatively simple Unit that reviews some of the grammar points we've already gone through in a previous Unit and continues to introduce new grammar knowledge to us
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Teach English in Jiefang Jiedao, Daqing Shi
The unit reviewed and distinguished between the Present Tenses which comprise: 1 Present Simple, 2 Present Continuous, 3 Present Perfect and 4 Present Perfect Continuous
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Teach English in Lindian Zhen, Daqing Shi
This unit discovered the theories, methodologies and techniques of teaching English as a foreign language discussing the ESA approach as the most effective methodology for new teachers in details
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