Teach English in Daqing Shi

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Teach English in Longfeng Zhen, Daqing Shi
In this unit, I learnt how to teach different students, who may have different study experience, in different age, with different needs as well as from different country
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Teach English in Minyi XiAng, Daqing Shi
I have learnt a brief overview of the different stages learners will be in, and how this may affect their learning, for example, a beginner will have zero or very basic English knoweledge
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Teach English in SAnhe XiAng, Daqing Shi
This unit covered the four types of present tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous, and explained the grammatical structure and presented the main usages of each tense
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Teach English in TAlAhA Zhen, Daqing Shi
This unit covered three aspects that must be covered when teaching a new language, with an explanation as to why they are important as well as example ways they can be taught effectively
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Teach English in Tuogu XiAng, Daqing Shi
The Unit #1 is about essential knowledge components of teaching, such as the qualities of a good teacher, roles of a teacher, characteristics of a good learner, age differences and specifics of learners, levels of language, motivation for learning language
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Teach English in Xibin Jiedao, Daqing Shi
This unit started with a practical example of a lesson that didn't engage students very well, didn't allow students much talk time, and where the teacher may have come across as being somewhat intimidating to students
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Teach English in Xin Liangzhong Fanyu Chang, Daqing Shi
I have been waiting to reach this unit because I can?t remember if I had learnt the main conditionals back in high school or college or just learnt it through observation and exposure to movies, radios and the likes
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