Teach English in Shaoguan Shi

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Teach English in Baitu Zhen, Shaoguan Shi
The unit is detailed coverage of teaching aids, equipments and adaptive materials that will suppliment the course books in the classroom for effective language learning
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Teach English in Chengkou Zhen, Shaoguan Shi
There are five classification of English teaching groups such as: 1) Beginners 2) Individuals (one to one) 3) Young Learners (YL's) 4) Business English (BE's) 5) Monolinguals vs Multilinguals
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Teach English in Datang Zhen, Shaoguan Shi
This unit considers the processes required when embarking on a course with a group of students from the initial levels test, followed by the needs analysis, then needs negotiation (if applicable), through to the choice of syllabus structured specifically for that particular group
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Teach English in Dongping Zhen, Shaoguan Shi
The unit took us on a historical journey by learning all the teaching methodologies used throughout many centuries, beginning with the Classical Method, which basically explained the grammar-translation approach
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Teach English in Fengcheng Jiedao, Shaoguan Shi
After reading Unit 16 on ?Conditionals & Reported Speech?, I feel I learned a lot more than what I already knew on conditionals sentences, and now have a clearer idea on how to differentiate them and their use according to situations
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Teach English in GuAndu Zhen, Shaoguan Shi
This unit presents various teaching tools that can be used in a classroom to make lessons more appealing and effective for the students' learning without having to use textbooks at all times
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