Teach English in GuAndu Zhen - Shaoguan Shi

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This unit presents various teaching tools that can be used in a classroom to make lessons more appealing and effective for the students' learning without having to use textbooks at all times. Some of these tools are the board, visual aids, dictionaries, videos, overhead projector, CD player, Computer, and photocopiers. One of the aids that I consider very useful in the classroom is the board as it is a tool that can help students understand a point by showing information in an organized and flamboyant manner by sectioning the board with columns and using different colors; this also helps students organize the points ideas in their minds making a picture to remember the point better. Another very useful tool is visual aids; this tool helps students understand new vocabulary quickly, motivates them to think and speak out in class reducing teacher talk time, and add variety to the lessons making them more engaging to the students. Visual aids could be real objects, pictures, or drawings. A computer is another tool that has become very popular in the classrooms. We can use them to create worksheets with the use of a word processor in case there is the need for extra-practice exercises; additionally, computers offer other interactive uses such as songs or videos that can help students understand grammar points or stimulate discussions. In conclusion, teaching tools are a very important part in the classroom because they make lessons more varied and interesting, and also they help make the lessons suitable to all students' learning styles, as not every student learn the same way.